Shrink sleeves

Printing and finishing all kinds of film materials, using different printing technologies.

Printing technology

We supply the validated pre-printed shrink film, perfectly suited to your product specifications and requirements. The choice of printing technology depends on the complexity of the graphics to be printed, the size of the production run and the number of versions.

We offer digital printing, offset UV, flexo UV and rotogravure. We compare the prices and the features of the various printing methods, to offer you the one that is most adapted to your specific requirements. Whatever method is used, we always guarantee prints of the highest quality.

We use all our expertise to move your printing orders through this workflow, advising you on color spacing and shrinkage percentages. As the materials are perfectly transparent, you can play with color or even leave some parts of the film transparent, so that the colors of the product packaging enhance the visual impact of the final result.

For some kinds of packaging, a shrink sleeve really makes all the difference. You can use up to 9 colors – not counting the color of the packaging itself – to create the most gorgeous effects.