Why shrink sleeves?

The visual impact of your colorful 360° packaging is invaluable to your marketing strategy and enhances your product’s shelf appearance. As such, applying shrink sleeves for labeling or packaging purposes, offers many benefits.
  • 360° communication, from top to bottom
  • the sleeve always fits tight around the container, whatever its unique shape may be
  • high shelf impact thanks to high marketing appeal
  • inside printing for perfect brilliance and protection of the prints
  • moisture-proof, suitable for pasteurization and UV light protection
  • protects the outside of your products
  • multiple packaging options : e.g. transparent windows, perforated tear strips, matt coating, UV-block
  • tamper evident feature
  • multipack or ‘promotional’ sleeve
  • little waste and easily recyclable (mono-material) in combination with PET bottles
  • easy to apply on many different supports