Helios Packaging is your ideal partner for all shrink sleeve and labelling applications. We process both small and large volumes. Our committed and expert team finds the right solution for you and sees to it that our products find their way to the market, packaged in a professional manner.

Our History

A one-stop-shop,
a total service solution.

Do you want to present your products to the consumer in a professional manner? Helios Packaging knows how to bring even the most complex shrink sleeve projects to a successful conclusion. We also have strong expertise in contract packaging. Thanks to the flexibility and the robustness of our sleeve machines, you can produce your own shrink sleeves.

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Helios Packaging wants to be a Total Solutions Provider. Our top priorities are:

  • Product quality
  • Food safety
  • Meeting delivery deadlines
  • Flexibility.

We strive to maintain a transparent relationship with our customers, suppliers and employees. To drive our continued success, we expect all our members of staff to make an active contribution in order to achieve our goals.

Furthermore, we undertake to:

  • continuously improve our systems.
  • meet all legal and regulatory requirements, as well as the agreed customer requirements
  • make available all the necessary resources to further develop, maintain and optimise our management system, in order that it continues to meet the highest standards in terms of quality (in accordance with ISO 9001) and food safety (in accordance with ISO 22000)
  • use the available resources and energy sources wisely, to minimise waste.

Have more impact on your target group
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The power of your colourful 360° packaging is invaluable for your marketing campaign and enhances the shelf appearance of your product. The use of shrink sleeves for labelling or packaging -offers many benefits:

  • many applications : transparent windows, perforated tear strips, matte coating, …
  • high shelf impact
  • perfect shine and protection of your printed matter, thanks to printing on the inside
  • moisture-resistant, suitable for pasteurisation and blocking UV
  • little waste and good recycling possibilities
  • protects the outside of your products
  • tamper evident feature
  • multipack or promotional sleeves
  • easy to apply on a variety of supports
  • environmentally friendly labelling