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  • Creation of technical sleeve layout
  • Advice and assistance during artwork design
  • In-house prepress equipment for graphic processing and transformation
  • Analysis of the printing process


Ideal for short runs, marketing panels or mock-ups. Graphics are created in CMYK and can be fully customised, image by image.

Consecutive numberings are also possible.

Thanks to the quick turnaround time, it is possible to have your sleeves ready within a very short delay.


We use flexography to print and finish a wide range of sheet materials, we. In recent years, flexographic printing has evolved in spectacular fashion. Speed, low initial costs and great flexibility together with the highest quality standards make us into a full-fledged competitor.

We put all our expertise to your service, in order to move your printing orders through this workflow, advising you on colour spacing and shrinkage ratios. As the basic materials are perfectly transparent, you can play with colour or even leave some parts of the foil transparent, so that the colour(s) of the product packaging reinforce your message.

Some types f packaging actually beg for a shrink sleeve label. You can use up to 8 colours, not counting the colour of the packaging itself, to create a stunning result. In consultation with our technical and sales staff, we can even add more colours for applications that require them.

Advantages of flexo print

  • Perfect quality
  • Short turnaround time
  • Low initial costs
  • Powerful, brilliant colours
  • Use of special and metallic colours
  • Printing with low migration inks (food safety)
  • Special types of finishing possible


Seaming, sheeting or perforating : we ensure that your packaging is shelf-ready. Discover all the possibilities here.

The printed foil is finished with great precision and formed into shrink sleeves or labels. Both can be supplied on roll or cut.

Metallic colours, perforations, adhesive features and much more bring added value and functionality to the sleeves. A close cooperation between your operators and our technical department ensures that the printed sleeves are perfectly compatible with your automatic sleeve machine.


Slitting means that the printed foil is cut to measure to ensure a neat result during the next process.


The pre-cut foil is folded over a certain width and formed into a tube or shrink sleeve.


After the foil has been folded, the rolls are checked for defects and, if necessary, repaired within the specifications and according to the customer’s requirements


Do you need your pre-cut or perforated sleeves? We automate this process for you.

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