Shrink sleeves, wraparound labels or ROSO labels: discover our wide range of sleeve applications here.

Shrink sleeve-labels

Shrink sleeve labels are an attractive way of drawing the customer’s attention to your product. The unusual shapes and the broad colour pallet strongly appeal to the consumer. Shrinking the sleeve to the right size means that it fits the product like a glove.

Cap sealing
The intrinsic properties of some sleeve materials ensure that your product is highly protected. For instance, the combination of a vertical with a horizontal perforation can form an extra protection for a bottle cap. The upper part can be easily removed without affecting the integrity of the product sleeve.

Uniformity in diversity
You can launch different versions of your product and use different colourful designs to distinguish between them. Shrink sleeves inject a high factor of playfulness into your marketing campaigns.

There are different ways of applying the sleeves to the product : cap sealing, middle body, full body, overall body and multipack.


OPP / Wraparound labels

Colourful and striking wraparound labels make your product stand out in the store and are an excellent way to attract the consumer’s attention.

Wraparound labelling is straightforward, affordable and the labels can be recycled together with the plastic container.

The labels are not self-adhesive and require a very small quantity of glue to attach them to the product.

RoSo label (Roll-on Shrink-on)

ROSO-label is a flexible packaging that is frequently used for cans and aerosols. The labels are printed on a special foil and can be shrunk to a certain shrinking ratio. After shrinking, your label fits snugly around the bottle, even with low shrinking percentages.

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