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Stock management of primary packaging is no longer evident. After all, in recent years, a lot has changed in the area of packaging materials. For instance, consumers expect a new label at regular intervals, each variant of a product should be packaged in its own color and it is important for your product to catch the attention of the consumer.

Due to thing like constant innovations, a growing range and demanding customers, quite a lot of companies end up dealing with stock surplus.

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid stock surplus when it comes to packaging. Discover how you can optimize stock management with the help of shrink sleeves.

Shrink sleeves as flexible packaging material

You may have heard of shrink sleeves or shrink labels before. These sleeves are a perfect solution to make your product stand out in an attractive manner. Our 360° packaging materials are therefore invaluable for your sales and increase the shelf appearance of your product.

At the same time, you can cover your packaging from top to bottom with a sleeve. This offers countless of benefits in the area of stock management and prevention of stock surplus.

Improved stock management thanks to shrink sleeves

Companies that use shrink sleeves are able to respond better and more flexibly to the ever-evolving market demand. We summarize the most important advantages in terms of stock management with shrink sleeves for you.

  • One jar, hundreds of applications

Does your product consist of different variants? Then it is important for consumers to be able to easily distinguish the sub-products by using different types of packaging. This is ideally achieved through several recognizable colors. Shrink sleeves increase your flexibility in this area: thanks for 360° sleeves, you can cover your entire packaging.

In this way, you will only need to order your packaging in just one color (for example, white) and the sleeve will in turn provide a distinctive color. In addition, this way of working also facilitates the recycling of your packaging. A win-win for both the manufacturer and the environment.

An example:
In the past, yogurt manufacturers had to provide red colored cups for strawberry, orange for peach, yellow for banana etc. Nowadays, only one simple cup is required, which we will then provide with the right color using a sleeve.

  • Respond better to sales

Shrink sleeves also ensure maximum flexibility in terms of sales. It is easy to order tens to hundreds of thousands of the same cups from your supplier. When the demand for one product increases, all we need to do is print additional labels and sleeve the packaging.

Thus, this allows for a better response to the market demand and unexpected peaks in sales will no longer be a challenge for you.

  • Greater flexibility in terms of product marketing

For several years now, consumers have been expecting more from your product and its packaging. In the past, your product would need to be given a new appearance every 3-4 years but nowadays your package must be adjusted with almost every season to retain a competitive advantage.

Sleeves ensure that you can give your packaging a completely new look every year or even with every season, which brings great happiness to product marketeers.

  • Efficient use of old packaging through oversleeving

Will your product soon be given a new packaging, but do you still have a lot of old cups, bottles or packaging in stock? No problem! It is perfectly possible to oversleeve your old packaging. Thanks to this technique, you will limit the stock surplus of packaging materials and do not need to discard of old stock.

Improved stock management thanks to shrink sleeves? Contact us now!

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