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Plastic is not immediately known as the greatest contributor, to an environmentally friendly world. And nevertheless, we call ourselves an active player, with regard to the environment, our surroundings and ecology. Our shrink sleeves help to reduce the ecological footprint of your packaging, and they make the recycling process easier.

How packaging with a perforation strip help to separate waste streams

In neighboring countries, we see that environmentally conscious consumers remove and sort the shrink sleeve. This is how a PET bottle becomes 100% recyclable. Classic labels contain paper, ink and glue. The glue residues are removed with (frequently harmful) removing substances. Our perforated shrink sleeve is, in that regard, an environmentally friendlier alternative.

After all, consumers can remove our shrink sleeves easily by themselves. The name already probably lets you suspect that our shrink sleeves are shrunk on the packaging. That makes glue or other products unnecessary. Consumers are able to remove the perforated shrink sleeve easily themselves and then simply recycle the bottle. Without any extra glue residues, paper or ink!

In this way, we ensure separated waste streams, which again has a positive effect. Environmentally conscious manufacturers are able to opt for shrink sleeves with all round printing, through which white or milky R-PET bottles are provided with a fully printed shrink sleeve.

Motivating consumers to recycle

The perforated shrink sleeve is gaining popularity in all kinds of sectors. Its removal is, however, not yet generally accepted. Therefore it is of crucial importance to guide consumers in this new recycling process.

This can be done in many different ways:

  • Apply a zipper?

    A zipper which encourages consumers to open something? The idea seems slightly crazy, but it is one that works very well. After all, consumers are familiar with zippers, so they know what they have to do to “undress” the packaging.
  • A summary guide

    It can, of course, also be simpler. Conspicuous arrows are used to point out the perforation of the shrink sleeve to the users. A message such as ‘pull here’ is a short and forceful call-to-action, which helps to spare the environment.
  • Focus on extra effects

    Does your brand give environmental friendliness top priority? Then you can talk about the added effects of this recycling. That is how you give character to your brand, and how you boost and motivate consumers in the right way.

This is only the top of our ecological iceberg. Are you curious about all the ecological efforts made by Helios? You can discover these on our web page on Ecology & Sustainability.

Do you want a creative and environmentally friendly shrink sleeve for your own packaging?
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