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The packaging of your product should make it stand out, that much is obvious. It is one of the main reasons why consumers are drawn to choose your solution from the shelves and not that of your competitor. A creative label can greatly increase the visibility of your product.

Maybe you could even take it a step further and choose for a completely unique and creative packaging? Shrink sleeves will help with this!

Creative packaging in all shapes

Shrink sleeves are secured to your packaging by way of the sleeve-technology. This relatively new packaging solution makes any kind of creative packaging, unusual labels, or graphic ideas possible. The shape of your label fuses seamlessly to the shape of your packaging.

This makes it possible to provide (nearly) all packaging types with a creative label, which is something that product designers love hearing. The limits and restrictions of a ‘normal’ label are a thing of the past. Your graphic team is given complete freedom and can determine the look & feel of your product without taking into account printing restrictions.

Tiny and enormous packaging

Shrink sleeves are not only available in all shapes, but literally also in all sizes. A tiny bottle (such as an additive for water) can get a unique and creative look & feel with a shrink sleeve.

Large packages can also be outfitted with a creative sleeve. Highly recommended for large packages, such as food additives or proteins!

Creative packaging in large editions

Are you looking for creative packaging that is more than just a pretty or unique label? Then you have come to the right place.  As a partner for creative packaging options we help you with:

  • Packaging solutions in multiple formats. Our printing presses are able to switch easily from one size to another.  That way you can use a single concept across different size ranges.
  • Choosing the right printing technology for your solution.  We use flexography and in some cases we also use digital printing.  This allows us to determine the optimal packaging shape for your product and edition size.
  • A creative label that perfectly fits your packaging and which instantly makes your product stand out.

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