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Having safe packaging is vital. Many enterprises, production companies and inspection organizations add great importance to it, and rightfully so. Shrink sleeves by Helios Packaging contribute greatly to the safety of products. We make a difference in safety on the inside through the packaging on the outside!

Shrink Sleeve Packaging - verpakking van vitamine- en voedingssupplementen

Safe packaging on many levels

Our shrink sleeves contribute in several ways to the safety of your product. We sum up the most important aspects right now.

Shrink sleeves as a means of control

Tamper evidence (see image below) is especially important in the food-, baby- and pharmaceutical industry. A little piece of paper for a seal is often not enough to indicate whether the product was already opened or not. The seal on a shrinks sleeve goes one step further!

The seal of the product is perfectly integrated in shrink sleeve packaging. This way extra safety is seamlessly added to food products, powders, ointments or medication. The tamper evidence is clear to the consumer, which reassures them about the safety of a certain product.

Safe ink for your packaging

The right colors are an important aspect to your visual identity. Consuments will recognize products based on their color. It’s important to make sure your packaging stands out. Our sleeves are printed with non-migrating solvent ink. These inks don’t mix with packaging, food products or other products, which makes them particularly safe and a great multi-purpose tool. This way our packaging can be used without issue in any industry. 

Helios, ISO-certified for the food industry

Helios is committed to product safety. We actively work on an ever safer policy and completely safe products. As a result, we earned our ISO 22000 certification for the food industry some time ago. We are therefore perfectly in tune with food safety needs and can quickly identify faulty batches.


Contact us today. One of our packaging experts will guide you through the possibilities shrink sleeves offer your product and packaging.

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