Helios nominated for the Trends Gazelles 2021

Shrink sleeves as a new standard in the packaging industry?

Are you looking for an eye-catching packaging with a simple application process, easy to apply over any shape and which also contributes to more ecological waste disposal? Shrink sleeves are the way to go. And Helios is not the only one to proclaim this. The demand for shrink sleeves has grown explosively in recent years. Trends magazine did not fail to notice this either. In this year’s Trends Gazelles, Helios Packaging was nominated as one of the fastest growing companies in the province of Antwerp. But what exactly makes shrink sleeves so popular with our customers?

Helios Packaging nominated for Trends Gazelles 2021

A quick and easy application process

We notice it every time we meet new customers. A lengthy and complicated packaging process is a thorn in the side of many entrepreneurs.  After all, everyone wants to see their products on the shelves as quickly as possible.

Shrink sleeves use a quick and easy application process. One machine applies the film around your product. The item then passes through a shrink tunnel where the heat applied makes the material shrink until it fits perfectly around your product. And all this in one smooth movement, without manual intervention. That’s how fast it can go.

Endless design possibilities

Companies want the quality of their product to be reflected in their packaging. You don’t only want your products to be out in the shops as soon as possible, you also want them to stand out there. In other words, you want to keep all design options open, for your current and future packaging. Shrink sleeves give you an almost endless colour palette to choose from. Moreover, your logos and texts are displayed in razor-sharp detail. No design is too complex for your label.

Switch easily between different product shapes and expand your assortment quickly

Our customers like flexibility when it comes to their product packaging. They want to try a different shape, launch a new design, create group packaging for (temporary) promotional actions, you name it. If these adjustments always cause a major production backlog, entrepreneurs tend to get discouraged. After all, you want to be able to adjust your packaging and respond to new developments at all times.

Shrink sleeves allow you to switch easily between cap sealing, middle body, full body and group packaging. In addition, the sleeves can be fitted with additional safety devices – such as a cap on a bottle neck – integrated into the packaging. Practical without disturbing your design.

Helios offers a solution to every packaging problem

These advantages make it easy to understand why shrink sleeves have become increasingly popular in recent years and why Helios, as a company, has also seen a steep rise. The nomination for Trends Gazelles is a nice confirmation that our sleeve solutions are appreciated by an increasing number of companies from different sectors. But Helios is more than just shrink sleeves.

Our customers rely on Helios to solve their packaging problems time and time again. Shrink sleeves are not the ideal solution for your product or market? We will look at other possibilities together or even come up with a unique custom solution.

Are you looking for packaging that meets the specific needs of your product? Contact Helios Packaging. We will help you find the ideal solution for your company.

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