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Crème de la cream: “The need to package more ecologically, less expensively and with fewer flaws has brought us to invest in our own sleeve packaging machine.”

Today many companies are wary of outsourcing the packaging process and the packaging itself. The search is being increasingly focused on ways to simplify the packaging process and cut associated costs. Hence companies are more and more often opting for an integrated shrink sleeve machine.

Lower transport costs and simplified logistical organisation

Thomas Tordoir, business manager at Crème de la cream, was in search of an ecological, affordable and efficient alternative to the existing packaging process. This led him to the purchase of a shrink sleeve machine from Helios Packaging six years ago.

“If you work with large volumes, putting packaging out to contract is not really a viable option. The transport costs soon mount up, and the products are moved to and fro much too often. This requires a lot of logistical organisation and a whole range of things can go wrong. That is why I went in search of a way to simplify the packaging process. The ideal solution appeared to be the integration of the packaging process in our own production chain. I was already aware of the shrink sleeving expertise at Helios so I got in touch with them” Thomas explains.

Homing in on sustainability thanks to its own shrink sleeve machine

Thomas: “Increasing numbers of companies are putting greater effort into sustainable business practices. We also see this among our customers. With each new project ‘ecological’ and ‘sustainable’ head the list of priorities. With the integration of our own shrink sleeve machine we are not only saving on transport costs, Co2 emissions are also being reined in. Neither do the Helios sleeves contain any harmful adhesives or UV ink, meaning they are also environmentally friendly and recyclable.

Fast and bespoke integration of a specific packaging process.

A shrink sleeve machine is a highly compact and easy solution. Only one production line is needed from start to finish. The machine is also easy to bypass when not needed for a particular product. With a shrink sleeve machine you switch smoothly between different formats, designs and shapes. You are back up to full production again in a mere 15 minutes.

Thomas: “During Corona we had to quickly switch to small bottles for hand disinfectant. This switch in format and design took very little effort. If we do need assistance with the adaptation of the machine settings, a Helios technician is always available to come along and look at the situation together with us.”

Arriving at the right shrink sleeve partner after a detour.

“We did once experiment with sleeve packaging with another company but this was not a match. Things felt right at Helios straight away! We have a short line of contact so communication is extremely smooth. They are also highly service-oriented, and you can also always go to them for advice and guidance after the purchase and integration of the sleeve machine. It is extremely enjoyable and strong cooperation.” continues Thomas.

Is your current packaging process expensive and not ecological enough? Do you, just like Crème de la cream, want products packaged more ecologically, less expensively and with greater efficiency? Contact Helios Packaging and we will together look at the options for your company.

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